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  • Basic tax refunds only $99
  • No refund = no fee (If you don’t get a refund then you don’t pay us!)
  • Average tax refund $2,650

Helping travellers with tax and super since 2009

If you have worked in Australia you will have paid tax on your income – generally at 29%. You can lodge your tax refund once you finish working in Australia or when the tax year comes to an end. This means more money for you for when you continue travelling!

Flat Fee v Percentage % Fee

Our promise is clear – we offer a great service with a flat fee so you won’t be ripped off. Too many travellers make the mistake of choosing companies which have sneaky percentage fees and end up paying hundreds of dollars because they did not read the fine print.

Why use Super Tax Refunds
    • Traveller / Backpacker

      If you worked in Australia then you are entitled to claim a tax and superannuation refund.

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    • International Student

      If you did some part time work whilst you were studying in Australia then you are entitled to claim your tax and superannuation refund.

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    • Superannuation Refund

      Once you leave Australia permanently you can claim your superannuation refund.

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    • Tax File Number

      If you plan to work in Australia then you will need a Tax File Number or you pay tax at the highest rate in Australia!

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    • Helpful Information

      A little bit of help is always nice. Check out of tax and super tips here

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    • FAQ

      All your tax and superannuation questions answered here.

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  • Wow was that easy! Super Tax Refunds will help with any questions you have and they’ll get you your money back! Call them with your enquiries and you’ll be convinced just like I was. Do yourself a favour, use Super Tax Refunds!

    – Aiofa, Dublin
  • Thank you Super Tax Refunds! They were so willing to help with everything on my tax return. I recommend Super Tax Refunds to all the travellers I talk to now!

    – Daniel, Mexico
  • There is only one place a backpacker needs to go for their tax refund – Super Tax Refunds! I picked up their card from my hostel and I am so thankful that I did. They have incredible service and are less costly than the rest. Great work, Super Tax Refunds!

    – Guy, Christchurch
  • 10/10 would recommend! They make the process simple and have low fees… What more could you want?!

    – Ellis, Wales
  • Around tax time I had no idea what to do or what company to go with. After calling a few places the choice was obvious – go with Super Tax Refunds. They were very helpful and willing to assist with all my questions and concerns. I’ll be sure to go with them next tax year!

    – Anabel, Paris
  • Save yourself a lot of effort and money; go with Super Tax Refunds! Their customer service will make getting a tax refund super easy while keeping their fees way below the competition. Thank you Super Tax Refunds!

    – Ryan, Toronto
  • I would absolutely recommend Super Tax Refunds to any of the other travellers I meet. They make the process so easy, even for a lazy backpacker like me!

    – Pia, Munich
  • I am so happy I went with Super Tax Refunds! Their flat fee structure saved me hundreds of dollars with my tax return.

    – Kiki, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Super Tax Refunds’ customer service truly set them apart for me. Any questions or concerns were answered promptly and honestly. Would definitely recommend!

    – Viktor, Stockholm
  • Thank you Super Tax Refunds for your seamless process! You made getting my tax refund a breeze!

    – James, Manchester


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