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Super Tax Refunds

Power of Attorney (STR Super)

Taxpayer Name:  

Tax File Number:

Date of Birth:


Hereby appoint the following representative as attorney - in fact:

Super Tax Refunds Australia – ABN 41 138 084 769
67 Jacaranda Avenue, Hollywell, QLD, 4216, Australia
Telephone +61 7 5609 7480 Fax Number +61 3 8679 3343

to act as the taxpayer's legal representative for the following matters:


All matters concerning Australian Income Tax and Superannuation


Acts authorized:

The representative is authorized to receive and inspect confidential tax information and to perform any and all acts that I can perform with respect to the tax types and periods described above.


This includes:

A) Requesting and receiving from my employer(s) the group certificate, superannuation details or TFN; and

B) Obtaining information from any superannuation fund of which I, the taxpayer, may be a member in relation to any benefit to which I may be entitled; and

C) Signing any agreements, consents or other documents (including superannuation claim forms) required to refund any overpaid taxes or faciliate the payment of any superannuation benefits; and

D) Requesting my tax assessment prior to the end of the financial year and arranging the refund (including superannuation funds) to be sent to the bank account of my representative.

E) Delegate its powers, for instance to its directors, employees or agents, and exercise its powers.


I agree to and accept the terms and conditions of service as written online at www.supertaxrefunds.com.au and to any changes in the terms and conditions which Super Tax Refunds Australia may affect from time to time, and to the fees of the agent which represents the services I have requested and which are provided by Super Tax Refunds Australia and/or its affiliate companies.

I declare that the information provided to any registered tax agent for the preparation of this tax return is true and correct, and I authorize any registered tax agent to lodge this return.


Taxpayer Initials





I confirm that:

1. I have not filed and will not file an income tax return or apply for an income tax refund for the Australian tax year I have authorized Super Tax Refunds Australia to apply for and will not authorize any other party to do so on my behalf.

2. I have signed the necessary Power of Attorneys to authorize Super Tax Refunds, referred to here after as the Agent, to prepare the Australian tax return and represent me before the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

3. I authorize the Agent to receive all correspondence from the ATO on my behalf.

4. I confirm that I have given the Agent all information needed and available to me and agree to co-operate and provide additional information required at any stage of the tax refund process.

5. I commit to updating the Agent of my changes in my contact details.

6. I commit to the terms of this agreement with the Agent in Australia, under Australian law.


Taxpayer Initials


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