Frequently Asked Questions

All your tax questions answered

Can I claim my tax refund when I have already left Australia?

Yes you can. We have clients claim their tax and superannuation returns from all over the world. As long as you have finished working in the financial year you wish to claim then you are entitled to lodge your refund.

Can my refund be paid into an overseas bank account?

Yes it can! We pay thousands of refunds into overseas bank accounts so this will not be a problem.

Do we charge a percentage fee?

No! Be very careful as there are many companies who percentage fees from 9% - 15%. Always read the fine print!

How does the tax refund process work?

We have a simple and fast refund process:

1. Apply online, paper application or over the phone.

2. Take a photo or scan and email the required documents or fax back to us. If you are missing any documents we can organise replacements for you.

3. We’ll process your tax refund and when we receive it from the tax office we can transfer it to your Australian or international bank account.

How long does it take to get my tax money back?

Tax refunds generally take 3-4 weeks. Some companies will tell you 5 or 7 days. This can happen but there is no guarantee. We all use the same tax return software so anyone who promises you 5-7 days is more than likely telling you a lie! We want you to be happy to you suggest allowing 3-4 weeks which is a safe timeframe.

How much does it cost?

What documents do I need?

Make sure you have all your PAYG (Pay As You Go) summaries from every employer that you worked for. This document is also known as a group certificate. We suggest also keeping your final payslip for every job as you can also send this to us. If you have lost documents or you are unable to get it from an employer then we can help. We strongly suggest using our free mailbox service because this way your employers will send the documents directly to us and you will never miss a thing.

What expenses can I claim back?

If you have work related expenses which total more than $300 then you need to be able to show receipts. Our accountants will work with you to ensure you receive all the deductions you are entitled to receive.

What happens if I can’t get all the documents I need for my tax refund?

If you don’t have all your documents then we can organise replacements for you. We have good relationships with employers all over Australia so this process can happen very quickly. Once we receive all the necessary documents your refund will be processed on the same day and you will be notified of your refund estimate.

When can I claim my tax refund?

The financial year in Australia ends on June 30th, this is when you should collect payment summaries/group certificates from your employer and apply for a tax refund. If you are leaving Australia prior to June 30th, you can always apply for an early tax assessment. All you need is a payment summary that you can collect from your employer, or your last payslip.

Will I get all the tax I paid back?

This depends on how much you earn and whether you satisfy the residency test. We often hear people say “I’m a backpacker and don’t pay tax in Australia” – this is not always true If you earn over the tax free threshold then you pay tax just as Australians do. In 2014 this meant that if you earned under $18,200 you did not pay tax. If however you earned more than $18,200 then you would pay tax on this income above this threshold.

All your superannuation questions answered

Can I claim my super if I want to come back to Australia?

Claiming your superannuation has no effect on coming back to Australia – we hear many people say you can’t come back to Oz but this is simply not true. If you claim your superannuation and then come back to Australia you will simply start a new superannuation account – it’s that easy!

How long does it take?

This can vary from 2 weeks to 3 months. Every fund is different so contact us and we can advise you about your specific superannuation fund.

How much does it cost?

A standard superannuation refund costs on $99 – we don’t charge expensive percentage fees.

What documents do I need?

This varies from fund to fund – not all funds have the same requirements. Please apply for your superannuation refund and then we will tell you exactly what you need to provide.

When can I claim my superannuation refund?

To claim your superannuation refund 2 things must have happened:

1. Your visa must have expired or we need to cancel it for you

2. You must be outside of Australia

We strongly suggest organising this well before you leave Australia as you will need to have specific documents certified and this can be expensive when not in Australia – it’s free in Oz!