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  • How tax really works
How tax really works

If you have worked in Australia you will have paid tax on your income – generally at 32.5%. You can lodge your tax refund once you finish working in Australia or when the tax year comes to an end. This means more money for you for when you continue travelling!

We make your tax refund easy! Simply apply online and attach your payment summary (group certificate) or final payslip (if you don’t have it we will organise it for you!). We take care of everything and send the money to your chosen bank account – Australian bank accounts and international bank accounts. Our happy customers get an average tax refund of $2,632!

Don’t forget to organise your superannuation refund. Simply apply online and we can get it organised for you once you have permanently left Australia. Our customers have received super refunds ranging between $500 – $7,000.

So what are you waiting for? Apply online today or contact our helpful team on 1800 117 405 if you have any more questions.

Tax File Number

To legally work in Australia, you have to obtain an Australian Tax File Number (TFN). This is so that employers can register you and pay tax on your behalf.

One of the easiest ways to obtain a TFN is online. Click for online application. (Once the application screen opens scroll down the page and click next)

Depending on how busy the Tax Office is, your application should take no longer than 4 weeks. If you get the timing right, your TFN should be waiting for you in our post when you arrive, then you can get a JOB straight away!!

You can also apply for your TFN in person at the Australian Tax Office Shopfront.

You’ll need to take your passport, and have the address to send the number to.

RSA gaming and blue collar

Ignite Education – QLD and WA only

RSA – Vic and NSW, ACT, SA, NT

Blue collar


If you have worked during your stay in Australia and earned more than $450 per month, your employer will have contributed 9.5% of your gross income into a superannuation fund for you. Once you leave Australia permanently and your visa expires you are entitled to claim back your superannuation.