1. Super tax Refunds Australia is a trading name for the services of Total Wealth Concepts Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 41 138 084 769) Tax Agent Number 17925007.

2. Super tax Refunds Australia guarantees that it will use all due care when preparing income tax refunds and superannuation refunds.

3. Super Tax Refunds Australia will prepare and lodge all returns based on the information provided by the client.

4. Super Tax Refunds Australia will not be held responsible if the client:

a. Provides false, misleading or incorrect information;
b. Has previously lodged the tax return being prepared;
c. Has already received a refund;
d. Has provided information that is different to the information provided by the Australian Taxation Office;
e. Owes the Australian Taxation Office money. In this instance we would contact the client of further charges due.

5. Super Tax Refunds Australia will prepare all documents in accordance with Australian Taxation Law and subject to the information provided by the client.

6. Super Tax Refunds Australia treats all client information as private and confidential.

7. Super Tax Refunds Australia will keep customers up to date with the progress of returns within the specified terms via telephone or email. Super Tax Refunds communicates through various email accounts so it is the clients responsibility to ensure emails are not blocked by SPAM or similar filters. Any delays in the process due to the client not receiving emails is deemed to be the responsibility of the cleint.

8. Super Tax Refunds Australia will provide all refunds as fast as possible. The following service times should be expected but are subject to change:

a. Prior income tax years – 7 to 14 days
b. Tax refund amendments – 21-28 days
c. Early Assessments – 42 to 56 days
d. Extended waiting periods can be expected during high volume periods
e. Superannuation refunds are dependent on the superannuation fund and can take up to 4 months.

9. When the customer signs our Authority form, they are agreeing for us to prepare and lodge the relevant refund application(s) and accept our fees for services rendered. Our fees will be deducted from the refund and the remaining balance is refunded to the customer.

a. If the Australian Taxation Office sends the refund directly to the customer, the customer is still liable to pay our fees for services rendered which resulted in the refund. If our client refuses to pay for the service provided the Super Tax Refunds reserves the right to take legal action to retrieve monies owed.
b. If the client had authorised any other person to organise the same refund, Super Tax Refund will still enforce fees for our services rendered.
c. When online applications are lodged and the acceptance of Terms and conditions is ticked, the customer agrees for Super Tax Refunds Australia to prepare and lodge the relevant refunds and accepts our fees for services rendered.
d. The Power of Attorney and declaration of representative signed by the client is valid until written cancellation has been received and confirmed by Super Tax Refunds Australia.

10. Super Tax Refunds Australia may need to provide additional services to complete tax and/or super annuation refunds.

These services include, but are not limited to:
Additional Tax Refund Services:

  • Early Tax Refund Assessment Surcharge – $50
  • Document Retrieval Fee – $50 per document
  • International Bank Transfer – $35
  • ATO Review or ATO Audit – $110
  • Labour Hire PAYG – $40
  • Additional follow up fee outside of the key milestone items included into the basic fee – $20 each (per email/phone)
  • Non-lodgement advice – $55
  • Incomplete Application Fee – $50

Additional Superannuation Refund Services:

  • Visa Cancellation Administration Charge $70
  • Employer or Superfund Contact Fee $50
  • Fund rollovers $55 per fund
  • Repeated application  $50
  • Documentation Review Fee $50
  • International Bank Transfer $35
  • Additional follow up fee outside of the key milestone items included into the basic fee – $20 (per email/phone)

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices current at the time of refund will be applicable.

If further information or clarification is required please contact

11. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that Super Tax Refunds has the correct bank details. Super Tax Refunds will not accept liability if refunds are paid into an incorrect bank account. If Super Tax Refunds can not transfer the refund due to insufficient bank details provided by the client Super Tax Refunds will set up a follow up process. The administration surcharge of $ 55 will apply. The same procedure and fees apply if payments are returned.

12. Transfer of Refunds

Super Tax Refunds transfers refunds into Australian and international bank accounts. The Bank’s summary of payments is accepted evidence of payment. Super Tax Refund cannot be held responsible for 3rd party’s errors in transfer of payment.

13. Misdirected Funds

Your Mistake – If your funds are sent to the wrong account as the result of a mistake made by you, and we have acted in accordance with your Instructions, we will be under no obligation either to recover the funds or to resend the funds to the correct Beneficiary Account.

Our Mistake – If your funds are sent to the wrong account as the result of a mistake made by us, we will take urgent action at our own expense to recover those funds, provided that you take immediate action to assist us to recover any such funds if the mistaken beneficiary is related to you or associated with you in some way.

14. Limitation of Liability

No Liability for Delays You acknowledge that delays in the transmission and receipt of payments may occur. In particular, you acknowledge that we operate online dealing and could be subject to technical, or other, problems, the nature and duration of which may be beyond our control. Our service also involves the use of intermediaries who are outside our control. Accordingly, while we do everything in our power to ensure the timely transmission of funds, we cannot guarantee that transfers of funds will always be made on time and cannot accept any liability to you for any loss suffered by you as a result of any delays in the transmission of funds.

Liability Limited – We do not in any circumstances assume liability to you in excess of the net refund amount due. We will not be liable to you for any form of consequential damages or loss that you may suffer as a result of:

Should Super Tax Refunds not be in a position to transfer the refund due to the client not providing bank details the refund less all fees will be returned to the Public Trustee at the appropriate time. A processing fee will be applicable based on Super Tax Refunds hourly rate.

15. When fees are subtracted from refunds, the fee will be subtracted from either the Tax or Superannuation refund; which ever is completed first.

16. Where applicable, the fees will also include a retainer of $200 for additional refund applications still in progress. Super Tax Refunds reserves the right to request further and/or upfront payment to cover the fees of the service. Should the client decide to ignore such a request within a time frame of 14 days Super Tax Refunds will interpret this as a cancellation. A cancellation fee will apply.

17. Superannuation Refund Cancellation Fees

    • Stage 1 Cancellation Fee: Within 3 days of application for tax and superannuation refund – $70
    • Stage 2 Cancellation Fee: After 3 days and/or after receipt of the first document request from Super Tax Refunds Australia:

Application Type

  • Standard Superannuation Refund – TWSuper fund – Cancellation Fee $ 79
  • Electronic Superannuation Refund (Australian super, Essential, BT , REST, Kinetic super) – Cancellation Fee $110
  • Manual Superannuation Refund (all other funds) – Cancellation Fee $170

Surcharges may be applicable on a case by case basis.

18. A superannuation refund application instructs Super Tax Refunds Australia to identify all of the client’s superannuation accounts. Super Tax Refunds Australia will process a standard superannuation refund application for each identified superannuation account. Each identified superannuation account may require additional services as outlined in paragraph 10.

19. A standard tax refund includes one PAYG summary or final payslip. Additional jobs attract further administration fees.

20. Super Tax Refunds Australia will not be held responsible for fees charged by local banks for the deposit of cheques and transfer of international funds.

21. Super Tax Refunds Australia offers the Trust Account at a reduced fee until the refund has been credited to the account. Should Super Tax Refunds Australia not be in a position to transfer the refund into the client’s account due to insufficient information from the client or based on client’s request to accumulate payment of more than one refund or for any other reason the client might request to postpone payment a monthly account service fee of $44 will apply.

22. Super Tax Refunds requires proof of identity (ID) as a preventative measure against fraudulent claims. This can be either a copy of passport or driver’s licence with the signature showing. Please scan/email to info@supertaxrefunds.com.au. Refunds will only be processed after receipt of ID and failure to provide suitable idea will incur an administrative fee.

23. International transfers are processed at the exchange rates provided by Westpac Banking Corporation. Refunds may be processed through OzForex Pty Ltd at the exchange rates provided by Westpac Banking Corporation.

24. Where refund entitlements of the customer are offset against liabilities to the Government or any other financial liabilities, the fee for services rendered is still applicable.

25. All tax and super estimates should be used as a guide only. Final refunds will be subject to final judgement by the Australian Taxation Office.

26. Super Tax Refunds Australia will keep customers updated with our new services. Customers may opt out of future correspondence by emailing details to

27. The customer agrees to these Terms & Conditions when making an application to Super Tax Refunds Australia via the website, post, fax, email and handwritten applications.

28. Once Super Tax Refunds Australia have received all documents and authorisation to proceed, the refund application(s) will be automatically processed. Written revocation must be received within 3 days and a receipt of confirmation will be issued in order for the process to discontinue. A cancellation fee will apply.

29. Any customer questions should be emailed to
info@supertaxrefunds.com.au and we will endevour to have a response within 24 hours.

30. Super Tax Refunds has the right to cancel any application if the client uses threatening, abusive or insulting language towards our staff either verbally or in written form or otherwise behaves in a threatening manner.

Cancellation fees will apply.

31. Terms and Conditions are occasionally updated and it is the customer’s responsibility to keep informed of any changes.